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Benin, officially the Republic of Benin and formerly known as Dahomey, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, Burkina Faso to the north-west, and Niger to the north-east.


The majority of its population lives on the small southern coastline of the Bight of Benin, part of the Gulf of Guinea in the northernmost tropical portion of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, but the seat of government is in Cotonou, the country's largest city and economic capital. Benin covers an area of 114,763 square kilometers (44,310 sq mi) and its population in 2018 was estimated to be approximately 11.49 million. 


Benin is a tropical nation, highly dependent on agriculture, and is a large exporter of palm oil and cotton. Substantial employment and income arise from subsistence farming.

The official language of Benin is French, with several indigenous languages such as FonBaribaYoruba and Dendi also being commonly spoken.

The largest religious group in Benin is Roman Catholicism, followed closely by IslamVodun (commonly referred to as Voodoo outside the country) and Protestantism

Shri Mataji mentions Benin in the following speeches 

Birthday Felicitations: Put Attention To Your Spirit - 1998/03/20

… s a like a place like Benin, where there are only Muslims are there, I would never - I could never have thought of going to that far fetched place where these people are there and imagine these people are Muslims and they have all taken to Sahaja Yoga. And in that they are understanding the beauty of love. You, this is done by French. Can you believe these French? Going down all the way to Benin and getting it done. 


Play on Joan Of Arc and Talk, Eve of Diwali Puja 1998/10/24
So I wish you all a very happy Diwali, and a very prosperous New Year. The whole evening was so full of joy, peace that I don't know how to describe. The whole event was worked out so beautifully by the French. Especially people from South Africa, from Benin, from Ivory Coast, from Kenya, and also many others who have come from various countries, have shown their talent, their joy, their happiness. The best part of it is that I've found them to be very well equipped with …

Kundalini is your individual Mother, is reflected in every person wherever you may go 1999/06/15

And you know, these hand-made things we have such a trillion, [Unsure] in the poorest of poorest countries you see, like Benin you see, what embroidery! You have to just guide them, tell them what to do. You know, unless and until you have that love for them, you cannot dispel. Also, if they don’t know anything and you tell them: "you make this",


our mind which creates- gets into distinctions. But for Kundalini, who is your Mother, individual Mother, is reflected in every person wherever you may go. I mean we have people in very remote places like Benin, you see, the people from Benin you know. 

Diwali Evening Program and Talk - 1999/11/05
Thank You for permitting us all to welcome You here in Delphi. Thank You Shri Mataji. 5:42 Pascal introduce the program: Benin starts. Ivory Cost. Greek collective. Video about Greece. Indian dance. A Qawali from Babamama. 1:46:45 Shri Mataji: After such beautiful divine music, I don't know what to say. The, even the heart of all the Deities must be jumping with joy as you all …

Evening Program and Talk, Eve of Diwali Puja - 1999/11/06

But today’s program, one after another, started expressing your higher awareness in everything. Of course, to begin with, we had very good groups from Benin and – who I have seen there? Sahaja Yogini: Ivory Coast. Shri Mataji: Hum? Sahaja Yogini: Ivory Coast. Shri Mataji: Ah! I always, I don’t know why, I forget this name “Ivory Coast”. I’ve been there, once, I’ve been there. And somehow, Ivory Coast, I


Christmas Puja - 1999/12/25

This is our work: to resurrect people and to give them the truth. There are many, many people all over the world, and you have seen now, we are working in the 86 countries. In a place like Benin we have got seven hundred sahaja yogis, seven thousand, sorry, Sahaja yogis, who were Muslims. And I asked them how did you take to Sahaj. He said, ‘Obvious’. I said, ‘Why’? I said, ‘First of

Birthday Felicitations: Love Your Country - 2000/03/22

… Sahaja Yogis specially have offered their services to go and change the people’s mind. Now we have! We have changed people, like we have now in a place called Benin, there are seven hundred – seven thousand – Muslims who were very fundamentalist, they all have become Sahaja Yogis.

Address to IAS officers wives association - 2000/04/08

It has spread, no doubt, it has spread in 86 countries but I have not been to all these countries, I have not visited all these countries, I might have gone to about say about 20 countries at the most but people who got realized they..(unclear) in these countries, they went down to these places and gave realization to another. Now imagine a country called Benin in Africa has got 7000 Sahaja yogis, they were all Muslims and they all have got realization

Welcome Puja and Informal Talk - 2000/04/20

… to Sahaja Yoga, go to Shri Mataji. But I was surprised by all of them so much. Another one came running after me like touched my feet and I asked him. His Guruji is so old and looks so old. But Muslims also, for example, there is a place called Benin, it’s a nation Benin and seven thousand people Africans they are all Muslims, they were. I asked them why did you become Muslim they said because the Greeks give, French, French were rulers, and they were so immoral, so horrible so we took to Islam but now we

The Subtle Side Of Islam - 2000/05/28

It is not a mystery anymore. It has now worked in 86 countries and there are some Muslim countries like Benin , like Türkiye, also Ivory Coast and some others. So, these Muslims have realized that there must be some end to this journey. There must be some goal to our pursuit, no use criticising the religion. The religion is perfect but something wrong with followers because they cannot read the …

Kundalini connects us to the all-pervading power of truth - 2000/06/01

You can, you can do it. If your desire is so, you can really help them, you can really help. I mean, that is what is happening now as you see these people say that Sahaja Yoga is working in 86 countries. What happened that one person got his Realization, he went to his country and he changed so many people. In a far-fetched country like Benin, imagine Benin …

Thoughtless awareness explained - 2000/06/05

Shri Mataji: Oh very great. Politics is, see why the trouble with politics is, because it is not pure politics. If the politicians become, think of that, if they all become realized souls, we'll have benevolent people. They will be very different. We have some politicians in India who got their realization, also we have in Benin and Ivory Coast, we have people who are realized souls and also politicians. Without realization if you are a politician, God save the people. But you will understand the politics of the collective. You will see what's

Adi Shakti Puja: Emotional Intelligence - 2000/07/02

… reaction to it is so beautiful and so nice. It’s very surprising. Like in a country like Benin country, all Muslims there, all black people, they all have become Sahaja Yogis. Nine thousand. How could I capture that? Just think of that. Nine thousand people come to you! 

Interview - 2000/09/11

Everybody is in problem, everybody needs it! There are no boundaries. We have in South Africa, we have in Benin, where all the people are black, you know? We have seven thousand people in Benin and Ivory Coast. The President of Ivory Coast is a Sahaja Yogi. In Eritrea also. So we have Sahaja Yoga everywhere now spreading, because everybody wants peace. Russia is the best. Thousands and thousands …

On Torsion Area - 2000/09/23

They say that now Sahaja Yoga is in ninety-six country. That’s what they say. Whatever it is, it is only because some people got realization, mastered it and they went out and did it. You’ll be amazed in the country like Benin, which was all Islamic country, there are 9,000 Sahaja yogis. There are seven countries there which were governed by the French. They all are in it. So you can understand how it was necessary that people should have their self-realisation. So they become special people, very peaceful …

Without knowing the Self you cannot get rid of your problems - 2000/09/26

… create more people, they don't want to keep this knowledge to themselves, and they enlighten other people. For your information I have to tell you, they say that Sahaja Yoga is now in 86 countries, whatever it is, it might be in 86 countries, but how did it spread? I didn't go to all these countries. These people who got realization, they went there and they gave them realization. And in a far-fetched country like Benin we have nine thousand Sahaja Yogis. Very surprising it has worked out this way all over the world, so the...

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, first response to falsehood - 2000/12/03

But you have to be extremely positive, extremely positive with the new people. Now you can imagine in a place called Benin. They were all Muslims, and nine thousand have become now Sahaja Yogis. And in - I mean just imagine - and Ivory Coast the President is a Sahaja Yogi. How could these black people achieve all that and while, with all of you with white skins, what are you doing?

Public Program Day 1: Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai - 2001/03/25

Your mere desire awakens your kundalini, I have seen in many countries among people of different nationalities. For example, there is a country named Benin. The natives there were so much afraid of French that they accepted Islam. Even then they were not satisfied! The same fights and disagreements continued. 


We Have To Be Transformed - 2001/07/14

… We have to work for the whole world. You should know there are eighty-five countries which are following Sahaja Yoga. And surprisingly, black country like Benin, we have twenty thousand Sahaja yogis. Only three years back I started there. And in England it’s more than sixteen years I’ve been working here, and after that also: all the time, every year. But somehow their growth is very much there, but not subtle growth, not within ourselves. The growth is within, and you’ll enjoy, very much enjoy the reality. The reality is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. May God …

VIP and Journalists Invitational Program - 2001/07/15

I thank you very much, all of you, for coming over for a small meeting that we are going to have and, it's very important for you people who are responsible in life to understand what is the work of Sahaja Yoga and how important it is. I mean, now we have people all over the world, it's working in 85 countries. In a country like Benin we have twenty thousand Sahaja yogis. All this is...why? Because.....


Interview - 2001/08/01

What would you suggest to mankind in order to avoid wars and bad things?” Shri Mataji: Once you become a realised soul, when you become Sahaja yogi, in the real sense of the word, then you don’t fight there’s no question – because you become collective, you live collectively you think collectively, you enjoy everything collectively and you become a just global personality so there is no question of war. Now we have people, say, from Israel we have people also from Muslims, so many Muslims are our sahaja yogis, sahaja yogis. In a place called Benin there are

Talk to Sahaja Yogis - 2001/12/18  No YouTube link available as there is no audio available

… kinds of wrong things they are doing. You see the rift between the two societies. But there are some Muslims in India who are sensible. We have some Sahaja Yogis, twenty-five young boys who are Muslims in India. They say they are all lost people. “Mother you must save them.” But there’re very fanatic. Some of them are very, very fanatic. I said, “All right, I’ll try.”You will be very happy to know that there is a country in Africa called Benin and Ivory Coast, like that. Seven countries ruled by French. They all were …

Doctor's conference at AIIMS - 2002/04/02

… people all kinds of problems can be solved. Every type of, I should say, quarrelling is going on. Because you become a collective person, you become a personality of a collective nature, no more fighting no more is needed. I have many Muslim countries who have got realization, Turkey, this Benin, there is another one called as Ivory Coast. There are seven countries that side, they are all Muslims converted, or rather transformed into Sahaja Yoga. In this all the integration of all the religions take place, understanding of the human abilities, human personality and respect. 

Kundalini is Your Mother - 2002/04/17

There is no question of Hindus following Sahaja Yoga mostly they are experts in India, abroad all of them are Christians and Muslims, all kinds of people. So many Muslims in the place called Benin I don’t know if you have heard the name or not but we have 12 countries in the south west of Africa. 

Easter Puja: You are bound by the religion of love and joy - 2002/04/21

Your nose, eyes, everything is the same. What makes you different? I think it’s something political about it, something very mean to separate people in the name of God and religion. On the contrary, Sahaja Yoga is to unite all the people in the name of God, to make them one in the name of God. Supposing there is somebody living, say, in South Africa or, say, in a far-fetched place like Benin and all that — has become a Sahaja Yogi. There are thousands who have become Sahaja Yogis there. They are all your bothers and

You all have to become Sufis - 2002/04/23 …

they like to have smelling food smelling everything and drink all the time. And they eat such varied cheese, I mean I don’t know how they could eat, even dogs do not. And they talk about culture. And they are so immoral. There are eleven countries in South Africa. Benin is one of them and they all have become Muslims. I asked them: “why did you become Muslims and not Christians like these?”. They said our rulers, they are horrible people who were so dirty, so filthy and smelled. So many people tried to… There is a writer called ....

TV Interview - 2003/03/14  No YouTube link available as there is no audio available

… being practised in eighty-six nations. I Myself have not been to so many countries. What happens is that when one person gets Self Realization and practises it, he becomes an expert in a year’s time. Wherever such people go, they talk about Sahaja Yoga to others. This is how it worked out and Sahaja Yoga spread to this level. I do not know how to go to all these countries, but those people come wherever our programs are organized. Countries such as Benin and Ivory Coast, where all the people were converted to Islam, I asked them, ‘Why

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Bhajan: Maha Maya Maha Kali by the children of Benin

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