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Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is situated between the Sahel to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south in the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of 923,769 square kilometres (356,669 sq mi), and with a population of over 230 million, it is the most populous country in Africa, and the world's sixth-most populous country. Nigeria borders Niger in the northChad in the northeastCameroon in the east, and Benin in the west. Nigeria is a federal republic comprising 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Abuja, is located.


The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and the largest in Africa.

Nigeria has been home to several indigenous pre-colonial states and kingdoms since the second millennium BC.  The modern state originated with British colonialization in the 19th century. The British set up administrative and legal structures while practising indirect rule through traditional chiefdoms in the Nigeria region. Nigeria became a formally independent federation on 1 October 1960. It experienced a civil war from 1967 to 1970, followed by a succession of military dictatorships and democratically elected civilian governments until achieving a stable democracy in the 1999 presidential election. The 2015 general election was the first time an incumbent president failed to be re-elected.

Nigeria is a multinational state inhabited by more than 250 ethnic groups speaking 500 distinct languages, all identifying with a wide variety of cultures. The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa in the northYoruba in the west, and Igbo in the east, together constituting over 60% of the total population. The official language is English, chosen to facilitate linguistic unity at the national level. Nigeria's constitution ensures de jure freedom of religion and it is home to some of the world's largest Muslim and Christian populations. Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Muslims, who live mostly in the north, and Christians, who live mostly in the south; indigenous religions, such as those native to the Igbo and Yoruba ethnicities, are in the minority.

Nigeria is a regional power in Africa and a middle and emerging power in international affairs. Nigeria's economy is the largest in Africa, the 31st-largest in the world by nominal GDP, and 26th-largest by PPP. Nigeria is often referred to as the Giant of Africa owing to its large population and economy and is considered to be an emerging market by the World Bank. Nigeria is a founding member of the African Union and a member of many international organizations, including the United Nations, the Commonwealth of NationsNAM, the Economic Community of West African StatesOrganisation of Islamic Cooperation and OPEC. It is also a member of the informal MINT group of countries and is one of the Next Eleven economies.

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Shri Mataji talks about Nigeria - 1993 10 05

You are to be Connected talk there is mention of going to Nigeria.

You Are To Be Connected - 1993/10/05

… am putting two hundred dollars cash. [Moderator]: He wants to give You some money, Mother, he wants to give You some money. [Shri Mataji denotes HH Shri Mataji is answering] Shri Mataji: For what? [Moderator]: For helping his sister. [Mr Agada]: My sister loves You more than anybody. My sister is over there. Shri Mataji: That's very good. May God Bless. [Mr Agada]: And she is here. She had a dream You're coming. We just came in. Shri Mataji: I'll have to go to Nigeria now. All right. Now, anything else? [Mr Agada]: My question is …

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Europe 1980/10/19

… Rustam has done some job. How are you? How is Mr.(?) I don't see him at all. (Sahaja yogi talking) He is alright now? Upset? So then, what did I say? Then Bonn, Freiburg, then Bonn. But you have to immediately write to Thomas, find out from him what is he doing about it. He wants somebody to go to Bonn, Freiburg. So we have to arrange all these things, you see. There is one lady who is going to Nigeria form there. She might work out it. So, get the list of people.

Talk and Marriages 2002/09/15

… been never a confusion and you are all sensible people, you understand. All right, thank you. I wanted to know from what countries you are coming. Can you tell – one by one? India, all right. [HINDI] You tell him. Who is number two? Ukraine, number two. [HINDI] Ukraine. Bulgaria. Romania, Russia. Now, who is next to that? You can stand up and say. [HINDI] Estonia, who else? Germany – “Achha!”, Brazil – “Achha!”, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia. They look the same! Now, Nigeria. Ireland? Italy, [HINDI] France. Next? Italy. All right, very good. It’s a global…. 

Penetrate into the depth of reality 1994/09/28

But you don't realise what is your potential, what you could be, what is the purpose of your life. And if you really realise that then you will definitely come to our centres and grow into it. You don’t have to pay. In any way, you don’t have to pay. We don’t want any money from you in any way. There was one gentleman who told me “mother, there are some Nigerians who want to give us money.” I said “why do you need money for? What is the need?” It is a headache 


Kundalini is like a primule coming out of a seed 1982/06/01

But even say, from Nigeria, recently I had forty people who flew out, just to see me and to get their Realization. They’re so anxious to get their Realization while we are not, we are not. I don’t know why. Because it is... [Shri Mataji recites a shloka in Sanskrit, min 20:55]. If you have something all the time [you don’t value it], like the people living in Prayag take their bath in the well and not in the Ganges, the Ganges is flowing all the time, it’s something like that. 

Interview 1986/01/25

No, no there is God. No doubt. We have not found it. These fundamentalists are wrong. These communists are wrong. There is God”. Then he gave realisation to five hundred people. In Algeria; they are Muslims. And they came to see Me by plane, to get their realisation. We had a Nigerian who is a barrister, whose brother is an ambassador in Moscow. We need not give all this because he might get in trouble because that is a country of [inaudible]. But he is a barrister, he came to India. They know what is Ganesha is. 

5th Day of Navaratri 1994/10/09

… better keep him out, absolutely, keep him out.” He was amazed! How She’s saying “Keep him out, absolutely”? I saw the photograph and from the photograph only, how could Mother say that? I could feel the vibrations! Immediately I said, “Is wrong.” One gentleman came here and told Me that some Nigerians have written letter to him that you put £35,000 in the bank, or something like that, and we'll put our money, quite a lot, in millions, and then you can have one third of that. He came and told me the story. 

Talk to Sahaja Yogis 2001/12/18

… President himself, he’s a Sahaja Yogi. So you can imagine how things are working out in so many countries. This is the time people are seeking the Truth. They want to have the Truth. That’s how in every place, in every country Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast now. In Nigeria I was surprised how things are working out. Anywhere you go. People are now fed up of falsehood. In every religion I have found somehow they have created some falsehood and created groups. Because if you have the Truth you won’t be divided. 

Conversation, These Are the Days of Confusion 1982/08/28

Sahaja Yogis: Wake up, wake up. Shri Mataji: Do wake up, wake up, wake up. Sahaja Yogini: You know, I’ll set it in the veranda. You’ll see it, Mother. Another Sahaja Yogini: I hope I will hear it. In [Nigeria]. Shri Mataji: Put a loud-speaker. All right. So the things that I, these, you have got the things that I [unclear]…. Sahaja Yogini: This is just funny, Mother. What happened? I went in this shop to buy the presents to Matthias and Arneau and I just, they had little biscuits, you know, from Bassum, and …

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