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Welcome to Madagascar


About Madagascar


Madagascar is one of the biggest islands in the world and it is the biggest island in the Indian ocean. It is located at the east of Africa and separated by the Mozambique channel ocean about 500 km.


Antananarivo is the capital. The population is about 25 000 000. There are 18 tribes, they originally come from East of Africa, North Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, that is why there is different culture in Madagascar. 


The people from Madagascar called Malagasy.  The culture makes them unique in the way they receive the guests, they are very good welcoming people.

Its specific fauna and flora make also the island unique and attract many scientists and tourists.  Nosy Boraha previously known as Saint Marie tend to attract many tourists because of its beauty.

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Sahaja Yoga in Madagascar

 In 2006, a sahaja yogi from Bulgaria came to Madagascar for 3 years. He stayed in Antananarivo, the capital city. During his stay he started to give realisation to local people.


When he left, the yogi he had created continued to practice until today. In 2017, the first ashram was opened in Antsirabe.


The collective meditation is held every Sunday morning in Antananarivo and every Saturday afternoon in Antsirabe. There is also a public program to give realisation to people who wish.

Contact Details:

Raolona Tsitohery

+261 34 4310 931


Voahirana Barthe Rasalamacola

+261 33 75 63 441



Haingo  Raoeliarison

+261 34 28 54 855

Email :

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