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Welcome to Uganda


No Sahaja Yoga presently

Shri Mataji mentions Uganda

Agnya Chakra and Lord Jesus Christ 1979/04/16

… the only way you are going to know that. One small thing will people do not understand, how can you purchase god? How can you pay for god? In East-Africa I know, it was so, I am so, people were mad and you don’t know why. My host himself his wife were so sick. She was so sick, she was mentally so upset and she was getting into fits and things like that, but we have to do something about it and I told that this is all wrong, throw away all these people – same in Uganda.

Sickness and its cure 1983/02/09

… managed the show, I am the most successful person." But when the history is over, people talk about him as the greatest stupid person ever born on this earth. Like one Mr. Idi Amin who is supposed to be - now he is not there, but he was Prime Minister of Uganda. Now he was a real idiot. I mean, you could see the way he used to talk and all that, he was an idiot. And he said that, "The people of my country should be called from my name, because, you see, I am the one who represents this …

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