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Phase Three:

African Art / Creativity

& Talents

Please Note:
More information to follow....this is still work in progress...

Shri Afrikeshwari
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This framed painting was gifted to Shree Mataji for Diwali Puja in the USA. Year to be confirmed

Jai Shree Mataji

It was in 2005 that we had the honour of visiting a lovely place called "Swaziland" with some South African yogis. In the few days that we were there, we were touched by the simplicity, humility. Similarly like in South Africa, they are very opened to receiving their self-realization with quick open hearts and hands with very less discussion.

In our meditations we could all feel Mothers presence with us and it was a very intense and an emotional experience. We had come to discover the deity of Africa and Her 108 names. With my very limited painting abilities at that time, a little painting was created to express Mother in Her form of Shri Afrikeshwari.

The colour blue was used for Her body to express Shri Krishna, the vibrant colours of Africa, the warmth, equality, diversity and integration. Many beads were drawn on Mothers garment to express the amazing talent of their culture. In Africa beautiful wood carvings, beads and sculptures are produced with their hands. The quality and vibrations that emit from their crafts can be easily felt. A lot of time and effort is used in creating beautiful sculptures that are often depicted of the animals and nature that surround them.


The trees in the background depict the Baobab tree found in South Africa and Africa in general. The staff in Mothers right hand represents the pure knowledge and wisdom of Shri Kundalini awakening from the base of Africa and enlightening it further in its full economical and spiritual potential.

The two lions on Mothers throne are of Shri Durga's strength and forbearance to overcome adversity. The lion is also one of the many Divine animals that live in Africa.


We recently discovered a beautiful legend that connects ancient Africa to ancient India. Lord Rama had a son named " Kush” who came upon the lands of what was known now as Africa. He observed the auspiciousness and the profound nature in this land. Thereafter it became known as "Kushadeep" or the " Kingdom of Kush".

The name does resonate well, as Africa is indeed a deep continent linked to divine roots, representing Divine wisdom in its spiritually evolved state. There is so much we can learn from the people of Africa.


This painting was a little heartfelt expression of our Mothers protection and love for Her dear Africa.

Jai Shree Mataji❤🙏

With Love

Sahaja Yogini / Yuva Shakti at the time of doing the painting

Durban, South Africa

Artistic Expressions

Black Madonna_edited.jpg
Black Madonna & Shri Mataji_edited.jpg
Little Black Boy_edited.jpg
Little Black Boy Text 1.png
Little Black Boy Text 2.png
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