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Welcome to Senegal


No Sahaja Yoga presently

Shri Mataji mentions Senegal

Monday evening talk after Krishna Puja 1984/08/20

And he said that they, they are going to have a spiritual dimension to their celebration in which he wants Me to come and give a lecture to them. And also he said I should go to UNESCO and give a lecture there and also I should go to Senegal to give a lecture there and to establish Sahaja Yoga. Though he is a Muslim, he believes in Sahaja Yoga very ardently. So all good things have come out of him. And this gentleman, Mr. Angel, whom I’ve met yesterday was very positive and he said he will …

God can never make some people available to religion and others not 1992/09/15

… from different countries, like Algeria, all these other countries around Mediterranean Sea, African countries – Senegal – who were communists, and they think now they have lost their faith in communism, so maybe the people might fall into fundamentalism, and they are very much worried about it. So they are all coming to India for about five days, they are going to have a proper understanding of Sahaja Yoga.Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of all the religions. As Mohammed Sahab has said, “You have to be a wali.” He has talked about resurrection, Kiyama, a complete chapter is there. 

Dinner with Ayatollah Rohani - 1993/07/15
PART 1 Shri Mataji: …About what's happening all around the world about Islamic people. And they said that “Mother we will join you in every way because we will bring peace.” I was very happy. Ayatollah: Is it? Shri Mataji: So they said they have had lots of conferences and this and that, organisations but nothing has worked out. And in Sudan, most of them are Muslims. And educated people even in Senegal, I know, are very well-educated people are there. And fundamentalism is not so much in Sudan …

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