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Thank You, our beloved, Divine Mother Shri Adi Shakti
for blessing us with the opportunity to welcome and host you
in Cape Town, South Africa on the auspicious occasion and
celebration of Diwali Puja 2024.


We, Your children humbly invite Thee, our Holy Mother Shri Mataji,

to the continent of Shri Nirmala Vidya, where You manifested from the

Ocean as Shri Mahalaxmi.

We desire that the divine light brought forth during this celebration, will expel the darkness,

and that the true knowledge reaches all four corners of the earth.

It is with great honour that the Sahaja Yogis of South Africa, African Countries, France, Switzerland, Portugal & Mother Persia (Iran), invite all our brothers and sisters from around the world to join us in celebrating the auspicious and joyful occasion of International Diwali Puja in South Africa.

Cape Town, known as the Mother City, is a jewel at the tip of the African continent and a canvas of rich history, vibrant cultures and breath-taking landscapes. Table Mountain, ‘Seventh wonder of the World’ and powerful Shri Ganesha Swayambhu, stands as a majestic backdrop to the city, and offers panoramic views that stretch over the city and beyond into the horizon.  The magnificent Table Mountain Nature Reserve, which covers the entire Peninsula, offers unspoiled shores and pristine beaches, awe-inspiring vistas along one of the World’s most beautiful coastal roads, and culminates in the remarkable spectacle of Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. 

Beautiful vibrations spread to the warm azure waters of Langebaan Lagoon, 120 km north of Cape Town. Truly a coastal paradise. Here Shri Mahalaxmi came from the sea  and stepped onto the land, where 110,000-year-old Eve’s footprints, imprinted into an ancient rock, were discovered.


Once a year, the Cape wild flowers, one of the natural wonders of the world, reveal their different shapes and vibrant colours after the winter rains, and it was here that, when Shri Mahalaxmi emerged from the sea and looked onto fields and fields of daisies,

She took “Daisy” as one of Her Divine Names.


South Africa, a world in one, awaits you in the Mother City.

Jai Shri Mataji

White daisy.png

Praise be to Thee Oh Shri Afrikeshwari!

Welcome Dear Family to the Mother City 


*Visa & Other Travel Requirements

*Flight Information & Shuttle Services to the Venue


*Program for the Week

*Tour & and Sight Seeing of Cape Town

*Other important Information

Visas & Other Travel Requirements

Requirements for entering South Africa:

  • A valid and acceptable passport or travel document for your intended stay.

  • At least one blank page in your passport for endorsements.

  • A valid visa, if required.

  • Sufficient funds to pay for your day-to-day expenses during your stay.

  • A return or onward ticket.

  • Yellow fever certificates if your journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South Africa.

Applying for a South African Visa - Department of Home Affairs


You don't need a visa if you're visiting South Africa for tourism purposes for up to 90 days. In other cases, you'll need a visa. Leaving and re-entering South Africa won't automatically give you another 90 days.

21 Feb 2024



Covid Requirements: 

Requirements for travellers travelling to South Africa by air.

Covid Vaccination certificates are no longer required to enter South Africa (according to the South African Airlines Agencies)


South African Government

Applying for a South African Visa 

Countries exempt from South African Visas

Yellow Fever:   

Yogis coming from African countries, South America countries that have yellow fever, will need to have a yellow fever vaccination.

Health Insurance:

Is recommended to have wherever you travel in the world. 

Flight & Shuttle/ Taxi Information

Cape Town International Airport is Africa’s 3rd largest airport. It is also Africa’s premier tourist and VIP destination and has established a reputation as Africa’s premier international award-winning airport, consistently performing among the best in the world for service in its category.

Transport from the Cape town International Airport to the Puja Venue:

Information to follow...



Information to Follow soon...


Program for the Week

Meditation for the Week in Preparation for Puja

Monday - 28th October



Tuesday - 29th October



Wednesday - 30th October



Thursday - 31st October



Friday - 1st November

South Africa 



Saturday - 2nd November

Time to follow...


Sunday - 3rd November 2024

Time to follow...

Tour / Sight Seeing 

Places of Interest:

Cape Town is a very auspicious place to visit as it has many significant places of interest. To list a few...

Eve's Footprint - The Footprint of Shri Mahalakshmi as She came out the Ocean in Langebaan.

Table Mountain - A Swayambhu of Shri Ganesha

The 12 Apostles-Mountain Range - Representing the 12 disciples of Shri Jesus


Here is a draft tour itinerary: 


Mon - 04.11.24

*Morning Meditation


*Yogis to be transported to the City

*Accommodation tba

Tues - 05.11.24

*Morning Meditation


*Table Mountain

*V&A Waterfront

*Evening Public Prog (tba)

Wed - 06.11.24

*Morning Meditation


*Cape Peninsula (whole day

*Public Prog (tba)

Thurs - 07.11.24

*Morning Meditation


*Eve's Footprint, Langebaan 

*Public Prog (tba)

Registration Form

Other Important Information

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